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Beginner DSLR Photography basics: Aperture and depth of field guide

Beginner DSLR Photography basics: Aperture and depth of field guideBeginner guide to aperture and Depth of Field. If you want to get a blurry background, or take a landscape that is sharp from to back, then watch this video. This video tries to explain the basic principle of aperture. What it is. What it does How its used The effect it has. Different lenses have different apertures, so please bear that in mind, you lens may not go to f/1.4 or f/22. Also, I havent talked about diffraction in this video. This is when a lens starts to loose sharpness due to a

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Super Basics of Photography

Super Basics of Photographyâ-¼ LOTS OF INFO â-¼ â-º LINKS TO ME • Facebook: • Instagram: • Tumblr: • Twitter: • Snapchat: @nibblesofficial • Music Playlist: • Merch: â-º MY P.O. BOX Nibbles ♡ PO BOX 158 Kenthurst NSW 2156 Australia • Please do not feel in any way “forced” or “obliged”

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Cool Long Exposure Photography Ideas

Cool Long Exposure Photography IdeasCreate cool photographs with long exposure tricks! [Playlist]: [Subscribe]: ————————— As it’s the season of doing long exposures (if you’re out shooting christmas light and fireworks), here are some ideas that you might want to try out during this festive season and beyond! Music credit: Batty McFaddin by Kevin MacLeod ( Related Videos: ================================== 20 Essential Things for Landscape Photograph

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7 Funky Photography Tips

7 Funky Photography TipsWatch photographers Anastasia Ehlakova & Julia Gebhardt demonstrate some funky photography tips to try out on your next shoot! Join the Cooperative of Photography: Facebook: https:// Instagram: Twitter: CREDITS: Producer: Ulrich Grill, zooom productions ( Director: Matthew Rycroft Photographers: Anastasia Ehlakova ( & Julia Gebhardt Cine

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New Movies This Month April 2011: Source Code Fast Five Scream 4 Rio Hop

New Movies This Month April 2011: Source Code Fast Five Scream 4 Rio HopApril 2011 A lot of movies coming this month previews of every film and boxoffice analysis New Movies This Month April 2011: Hop Easter Insidious creepy Source Code from Duncan Jones Jake Gyllenhaal Arthur Russell Brand Hanna Eric Bana Your Highness James Franco Nathalie Portman Rio Scream 4 Apollo 18 Water for Elephants Reese Witherspoon Robert Pattinson Vin Diesel Fast Five Prom “movie review” reviews opinion help trailers dates

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