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Russell Brand Tells MPs Drug Addiction Should Be Treated As Illness

Russell Brand Tells MPs Drug Addiction Should Be Treated As IllnessComedian Russell Brand has told MPs on the Home Affairs Select Committee addiction should be treated as an illness instead of a crime. The 36-year-old who said he had beaten a heroin addiction which saw him arrested a dozen times, blamed his drug problems on emotional and psychological difficulties. Society should not “discard people, write them off on methadone and leave them on the sidelines” and should exercise more “love and compassion”, he argued.

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Giant Pandas Arrive In Edinburgh

Giant Pandas Arrive In EdinburghThe first Giant Pandas to live in Britain for more than 20 years have arrived at their new home in Scotland. Tian Tian and Yang Guang – or Sunshine and Sweetie – arrived at Edinburgh Airport this lunchtime looking none the worse for the five thousand mile journey. Now Zookeepers hope the 8-year-olds will settle in so well they could produce Scotland’s first native born panda cub. Sky’s James Matthews was there to welcome them.

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Home Cinema reel for Alice In Wonderland

Home Cinema reel for Alice In WonderlandCinema reel designed for home use for Alice In Wonderland (Cert PG) CONTENTS Ad reel (9 adverts): Toyota iQ, Lynx Twist, Renault Twingo, BBC Doctor Who, Honda, Nestle Cheerios, Wrigley’s 5 Gum, Sony Cybershot No silver spot advert Trailers (2): The Last Song, Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time Gold spot: Orange There is a 5 second pause between the gold spot and the FACT piracy warning for if you want to turn down the lights in the room. With the exception of Toyota, Honda, Cheerios and Sony, t

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New iPod Touch (4G) Unboxing iOS 4.3 Mexico Apple 2011

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