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Sky News Man Smuggled Into Syria

Sky News Man Smuggled Into SyriaWARNING: This report contains pictures of a dead body Sky’s Foreign Affairs Editor Tim Marshall was smuggled into the city Homs in Syria after new demands from the Arab League for President Assad to hand over power to his deputy were rejected. Arab League observers have been touring the country – including a visit to Homs. It has witnessed some of the worst violence seen in the country over the past ten months.

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Syria Massacre: Over 350 People Reported Dead

Syria Massacre: Over 350 People Reported DeadA Syrian opposition group claims more than 350 people have been killed by government forces in the city of Homs. They claim President Assad’s regime carried out a three hour massacre.

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Homs, Syria: Activists Appeal To United Nations For Help

Homs, Syria: Activists Appeal To United Nations For HelpOutside Homs as many as 10000 Syrian troops have been deployed, according to the Free Syrian Army. The claim can’t independently be verified, but large numbers of tanks have been seen entering the area. Civilians are trying to leave the city, fearing a major offensive by Government forces. Free Syria activist Danny has made a direct appeal to the UN. More on the news from Syria:

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Syria Under Attack

Syria Under AttackInnocent victims are being shot down by snipers in Homs every day. Sniper fire and all-out fighting between government troops and the defectors of the Free Syrian Army, the FSA, is constant. More than 4000 people have died since protests broke out in Syria in March, according to the United Nations.

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