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How US And The UK Are Remembering

How US And The UK Are Remembering 9/11

The US and Britain are marking the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks with a series of memorial events.

President Obama will lead commemorations in the US at the site of the World Trade Centre in New York.

Survivors will join the families and friends of victims of the atrocity, which claimed almost 3,000 lives.

Mr Obama will later visit Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and the Pentagon in Washington where another two planes crashed.



:: 12pm (7am in New York) Survivors, victims’ families and friends gather at 7am.

:: 1.35pm (8.35am in New York) The ceremony at Ground Zero begins, with the Brooklyn Youth Chorus performing the national anthem.

:: 1.36pm (8.35am in New York) Mayor Michael Bloomberg leads a moment of silence to mark the moment the North Tower was hit.

Mr Obama will then do a reading before the families read out the names of those who died in the attacks.

:: 2.03pm (9.03am) Another silence will be observed to mark the moment the South Tower was hit.

:: 2.37pm (9.37am) The reading of victims’ names will continue after another pause to remember those who were killed at the Pentagon.

:: 2.59pm (9.59am) The moment the South Tower collapsed will be marked.

:: 3.03pm (10.03am) Another silence will be held to mark the time Flight 93 crashed in Pennsylvania.

:: 3.28pm (10.28am) A final silence will mark the moment the North Tower fell.


:: Simultaneous services are being held at the other sites affected by the atrocity, with Mr Obama visiting each later in the day.

:: 2.37pm (9.37am) A moment of silence is observed at all three sites to mark the time when the Pentagon was hit.

:: 3.03pm (10.03am) Another moment of silence to mark the time Flight 93 crashed in Pennsylvania.

:: 5.10pm (12.10pm) Barack Obama attends the wreath laying at Shanksville.

:: 7pm (2pm) Families and victims start to arrive for a post-ceremony concert in Washington.

:: 8.35pm (3.35pm) Mr Obama lays a wreath at the Pentagon Memorial and then mingles with families inside the building.


:: 8.10am Symbolic lighting of a candle at Grosvenor Chapel in Mayfair by Dr Courtney Cowart, a 9/11 survivor.

:: 11am A “Remembering with Hope” service at St Paul’s Cathedral in London.

:: 1.30pm Memorial concert at the British Garden in Hanover Square in London.

:: 1.46pm Fire stations across Britain will observe a minute’s silence to mark the time the first plane hit the World Trade Centre.

:: 3.25pm The main anniversary event in the UK – a service at the September 11 memorial garden next to the American Embassy in London.

About 30 of the bereaved British families will attend. Names of the victims will be read out and a white rose laid for each one.

:: 6.30pm A service of ‘remembrance and reconciliation’ at Westminster Abbey.


:: The New York fire station which suffered the biggest loss of life recalls the tragedy.

:: Sky’s US correspondent Dominic Waghorn examines the impact the atrocity had on America.

:: Sky’s foreign editor Tim Marshall looks at the effect of the attacks on the wider world.

:: Ten years ago, Ground Zero was 16 acres of twisted steel and rubble but now the regeneration is under way.

:: George W Bush leads the first 9/11 commemoration, laying a wreath at the Pentagon.