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Libya Conflict: Hundreds of dead bodies found in Tripoli hospital

Libya Conflict: Hundreds of dead bodies found in Tripoli hospitalThere are growing concerns this morning about the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Tripoli. Hundreds of dead bodies have been discovered in a hospital — it appears patients were abandoned in their beds when fighting broke out last week. The United Nations Secretary General has made an urgent call to the international community to send humanitarian help. Sky’s Jane Dougall reports.

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Jacko’s Children Appear At Tribute Gig

Jacko's Children Appear At Tribute Michael Jackson’s children have made a rare public appearance — on stage in front of 50000 people — at a tribute concert in honour of their father. The event in Cardiff last night had a host of A-list performers. But as Jane Witherspoon reports, not everyone in the Jackson family was happy about the concert.

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Hottest Babes In Comic Book

Hottest Babes In Comic BookThe hottest babes in The Comic Book Universe

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