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Kercher Family

Meredith Kercher’s family : We’re Back To Square One

Meredith Kercher’s brother has said her family feel they are back at “square one” after the pair convicted of her murder were freed.


Lyle Kercher said they accepted the Italian court’s decision to clear Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito of killing Meredith.

But he said they were now fresh questions about what “truly happened” on the night she died in November 2007.

“While we accept the decision that was handed down yesterday and respect the court and the Italian justice system, we do find that we are now left obviously looking at this again and thinking how a decision that was so certain two years ago has been so emphatically overturned now,” he said.

He, Meredith’s sister Stephanie and her mother Arline held a press conference in Perugia before flying home to the UK.

They were in court on Monday to hear a judge quash Miss Knox and Mr Sollecito’s convictions, four years after they were first jailed.

Meredith’s father John has stayed in London, from where he branded the court’s decision “ludicrous” and “crazy”.

At the press conference, Stephanie said forgiveness was impossible until the family know the truth about the murder.

“Until the truth comes out, we can’t forgive anyone. No-one has admitted to it,” she said.

Stephanie said the “biggest disappointment” was knowing that there was someone else out there who was responsible for killing her sister.

“We don’t want the wrong people put away for a crime they didn’t commit,” she said. “It may be a case of waiting another year to get the truth.”

Her mother Arline added that the family was “still absorbing” the court’s decision and said: “It’s early days.”

John Kercher said the family are “shocked” and were wondering if anyone else would now be brought to justice.

He told the Daily Mirror: “It is ludicrous. How can they ignore all the other evidence?

“I thought the judge might play it safe and uphold the conviction but reduce the sentence. But this result is crazy.

“There were 47 wounds on Meredith and two knives used. One person couldn’t possibly have done that.

“What happens now? Does that mean the police need to look for more killers?”

On Monday, Stephanie had said her sister had been “hugely forgotten” in the furore over the appeal.

Miss Knox and Sollecito had been jailed for 26 years and 25 years respectively for the murder but have now been cleared.

The American has already started her return trip to her hometown of Seattle, flying back via London