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DIY Light painting kit #lightpainting

Diy Light Stick

If your just getting into light painting this
is a cheap way of starting off as a kit can
cost you upto £140 GBP

materials you will need ( im linking to 4D model shop )
as the prices here are a lot cheaper than where i have
found online ..

Perspex tube 40mm diameter £11.45
Glass frosting spray (as a clear tube will not work) £11.70
a torch , and some gaffa tape

i picked my torch up from quality save here in the uk
for under £3 its only 50 lumens but still very bright
and is around 34mm diameter so needs taped up to fit
inside the perspex tube…

and i have always got gaffa tape but any good tape will
do the job , if you dont want to gunk up the end of a
torch then just use some masking tape it works just as good..

from the images below we cut the tube to a size we needed
500mm (50cm) using a basic jnr hacksaw
then used the frost spray to cover the whole tube
let it dry (and spray in a well vented space)
as like i said above a clear tube will not work

size the torch up and use as much tape as needed
to buffer the gap we made ours a very tight fit so
we can swing it around and not have it fall out

we also added an end cap we picked up for change
in a hardware shop

A big thank you to the guys at 4D model shop for sorting us out