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Julia Gillard: Australia’s Prime Minister Rescued By Bodyguards

Julia Gillard: Australia's Prime Minister Rescued By BodyguardsAustralian prime minister Julia Gillard was visibly shaken as she was bundled out of a restaurant by secret service agents after it was surrounded by around 200 protesters who banged on windows. At one point, Ms Gillard tripped over and lost a shoe as riot police helped to force a path through the crowd of rowdy Aboriginal rights demonstrators in the capital, Canberra. Her personal security guard was pictured wrapping his arms around her as he shielded the country’s top politician from the activ

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Eurovision 2002-2011 My Top 20

Eurovision 2002-2011 My Top 20I started to watch Eurovision Song Contest in 2002, now i have seen 10 Eurovision years, so here is my top 20 from those years!

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