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How to Use a DSLR Camera: Learn DSLR Camera Basics Shutter Aperture ISO

How to Use a DSLR Camera: Learn DSLR Camera Basics Shutter Aperture ISOHow to Use a DSLR — — Learning DSLR camera basics can be very easy if you understand and learn how a dslr camera works. The three mechanisms that make it work and that is the Shutter, Aperture and ISO if you learn these three you will learn how to use a DSLR. Link to White Balance Video …

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Long exposure photography tutorial

Long exposure photography tutorial** Please check out my Private Bodies nude photography book: – Featuring Tina! Step by step guide to controlling the amount of blur and abstraction you can create in your shots. Made using basic equipment. ThatNikonGuy has been renamed to ‘Matt Granger’. If you are already subscribed on social media the name will change over automatically. For new viewers please follow me as _MattGranger on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr & Vine. Subscribe HERE:

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Webcam Zone Trigger

Webcam Zone Trigger.jpg link

Webcam Zone Trigger can be used for security, but also for art, QA testing, automation, statistics acquisition, DIY projects, science experiments… Its unique features make it ideal for custom projects.

Detect motion, inactivity, image matching, flow direction…
Works with any webcam, and many other video sources
Host a HTTP server, share cameras over the internet
Support many cameras at the same time (Pro Edition)
No skills required, super simple to use

Hot Spots – A reliable way to detection motion in a precise zone on the image.

Set the size of the hot spot, move it over the area to monitor on the video, and the software will produce an action when it detects motion in this zone. You can setup many Hot Spot with independent actions.

Triggered Actions – Tell the software how you need it to behave when it detects motion.

For example, it can record stills and video, run programs, send email, use FTP, count, play sound, emulate mouse or keyboard, even output a signal to an external device.

Webcam Zone Trigger can connect to many video capture devices…

USB webcam
IP cams (network cameras)
Microsoft Kinect (3D detection, Pro Edition)
Video Files on the PC
Camcorders (Firewire cable)
TV tuners (USB or PC internal)
Screen Capture
Digital Cameras (using BreezeSys software)


If your on the hunt for a fantastic motion detection software
for your pc/laptop webcam then you have just found it.

this program does what it says on the box .. and i have tried a few
over the last few weeks to sort out the good from the bad
once you have your camera connected and have played around with the
sensitivity sensor the rest is a breeze….
set a single or multiple hot spots up and your set…

more to come

Blackberry Blackout: Manufacturer ‘Working To Restore Service’

Blackberry Blackout: Manufacturer 'Working To Restore Service'A fault which has prevent some Blackberry owners from using their devices properly has spread from Europe to North America. Manufacturer Research in Motion says it working on the problem which has left users unable to send messages, receive e-mails or browse the internet. Managing Director Stephen Bates blames a core switch problem.

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