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Stephen Lawrence’s Mother Doreen Attacks Original Police Investigation Into Son’s Murder

Stephen Lawrence's Mother Doreen Attacks Original Police Investigation Into Son's MurderGary Dobson and David Norris have been found guilty of the murder of teenager Stephen Lawrence in 1993. Mr Lawrence, 18, was killed in a racist attack by a gang of youths in Eltham, southeast London, 19 years ago. The trial into the black A-level student’s murder began at the Old Bailey on November 14 last year. There had been total silence in court as the foreman of the jury said “guilty” when asked if the four women and eight men had reached verdicts on the murder charge. Mr Lawrence’s parents

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Lawrence Case “Not Closed”

Lawrence Case The judge, the Lawrence family and the Met Police Chief all repeated their assertion that the case isn’t closed — because others who were involved are still at large. Our senior correspondent David Bowden has been looking at where the investigation goes from here.

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Sky News Shown Mass Grave In Tripoli – Up To 150 Reportedly Massacred

Sky News Shown Mass Grave In Tripoli - Up To 150 Reportedly MassacredSky news has been shown a mass grave from a massacre carried out earlier this week in southern Tripoli. It comes after world leaders urged all sides in the Libya conflict not to carry out reprisals. Sky’s chief correspondent Stuart Ramsay sent us this report from southern Tripoli.

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Amanda Knox Branded ‘She-Devil’ In Court

Amanda Knox Branded 'She-Devil' In CourtAmerican student Amanda Knox has been described as a “satanic, diabolical she-devil” at the appeal against her murder conviction in Italy. A lawyer for the man initially questioned for killing British student Mereditch Kercher, asked the court whether Amanda Knox was the mild-looking, fresh-faced person they saw in front of them – or a woman devoted to lust, drugs and alcohol.

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Amanda Knox Makes Final Appeal Against Murder Conviction

Amanda Knox Makes Final Appeal Against Murder ConvictionAmerican student Amanda Knox broke down in tears as she made a final plea against her murder conviction at an appeal hearing in Italy. Knox has been in prison over her involvement in the 2007 rape and murder of British student Meredith Kercher, who was found dead in the house they shared in Perugia. Knox and her boyfriend at the time, Raffaele Sollecito, had been sentenced in 2009 to 26 years in prison over their involvement in Miss Kercher’s death.

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