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Penguins Freed After Rescue From New Zealand Oil Spill

Penguins Freed After Rescue From New Zealand Oil SpillPenguins rescued from an oil spill off New Zealand have been set free after being cleaned and nursed back to health. The 49 birds are among 343 little blue penguins that have been cleaned of oil since a cargo ship ran aground on a reef near Tauranga on October 5th and spilled 400 tons of fuel oil. More than 2000 sea birds died in the spill. The penguins have been fitted with microchips so they can be monitored after their release.

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New iCP’s Saga ( On iCP!!!!! )

New iCP's Saga ( On iCP!!!!! )ok READ THIS PLEASE OR YOU WONT KNOW!!…. If you want to be in it first you have to have iCP download and good iCP clothes. To download iCP go to: then go to the trainers page and click iCP.exe download get school clothese or good clothes. To meet me for a try out send me a private message… comment for question becuz i know i didnt answer them all and yes there will be cussing… lol

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