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Water Drop Photography On A Budget


Water Drop Photography On A Budget

This is a great way to start your self off doing
water drop photography the hard way…..

No triggers or any other type of high speed photography gizmo’s
just you and your camera…

the whole setup cost under £20

retort stand from ebay (uk seller) delivered in 2 days was £8.99
the valve to regulate the water drops was £1.40 on ebay but you
can find these on any aquarium shop/ they are an air line regulator valve
they have a small tap to control the air flow / water flow in our case
the water tank can be anything you want it to be but to make it easy i used
a turkey baster from quality save £0.99 and its almost a perfect fit for the
air line regulator valve just neeed to wrap a bit of ptfe tape around it
and push it in…… ptfe tape can be found in a plumbing kit from most
pound shops in the uk….. so its under £15 pounds in total…
all you need to do to setup is focus your camera on where ther water drops
land so to do this use a pen / pencil anything long enough to go over
the cup or bowl you are dripping water into
once you have the pen in place and the drips are flowing get you camera focused
on the area about an inch higher from where the drips of water land…
and turn off auto focus if you have not already done so as its better to manual
focus on this …

Please note that light is your friend in photography but shooting water drops
natural light is not you friend its better to shoot in a dark room using a
flashgun / speedlight or 3 of them….. also use a nice coloured background
as you can see i glued a few vintage cars images to a canvas these were
cut out of magazines and pritt stick’d on to the canvas easy to do with
anything you have lying around the house…

Different lenses will have different sweet spots but you want to have a bit
of (DOF) depth of field / shallow depth of field so its easy to find what
looks better with your camera setup only you can define what looks best for your
images i like lots of dof just good focus on the waterdrop

in my images i used a cheap £30 speedlight from neewer you will
need at least one speedlight as its the flash that stops the waterdrop
my demo images were shot at 1/250th second iso 200 f5.6
i used an old grey ef 28-90 mm canon lens / full zoom at 90mm
not bad for a £10 buy on ebay

The water valve can drip water at any speed i closed mind tight
and slowly opened it to get around 1 drip per second and as soon as you see
it drop press the shutter button / or remote trigger button if you have one

also as a side note your camera should be on a tripod for this
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thanks.. Darren Lewis


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First attempt at shooting bb’s from a bbgunusing the smart trigger by Pluto Triggerafter making some adjustments on the app settings (yes this trigger is controlled by a smartphone app)

compattable with android and apple………………..

these are by no meens the best i can do but just the first i caught and i was only

using the cameras popup flash so not bad at all..

this smart trigger is well worth its small price  and with the app to controll it there can be

so much more that can be added to its workings..


look out for more posts about this as im shooting

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Why wait for the next model dslr camera upgrade
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cameras get smarter with the new Pluto Trigger
with 24 modes of shooting this new camera trigger
will get you and you camera shooting things you
thought you couldnt do,,,

so many modes to set this great little trigger too
where to start..
(we wont cover them all as im just starting to use this myself)

the laser trigger…
the laser is one of the items that comes with your purchase
and is handy this will allow you too shoot so many things
you never thought you could….
basic water drop photography is easy with the laser
all you need to do is set the laser pointing through
the droplets of water ( i used a  funnel that i crimmped the end )


and set the app settings and your away..

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