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Street Photography Basics

Street Photography BasicsStreet photography, while exciting and spontaneous, can also be intimidating and awkward, seeing that strangers are usually the subject. If you are interested in or new to street photography, join Nichole Paschal as she covers some basic tips and ideas on how to capture intriguing moments.

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Photography tips – UK laws and your rights

Photography tips - UK laws and your rightsFind out what you can and can’t take photos of in the UK in this exclusive Practical Photography guide. Watch Tim take to the streets of London to see how people react to photographers, and get the official lowdown from Inspector Malcolm Graham from the Cambridgeshire Constabulary. — Practical Photography is the world’s best magazine for photographers who want to improve their camera and editing skills. Download a FREE digital issue for your iPad or Android device at https://

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Andrew Lansley Faces Campaigners Angry Over NHS Reforms

Andrew Lansley Faces Campaigners Angry Over NHS ReformsThe Health Secretary has been confronted by angry protesters outside Downing Street claiming key health partners had been excluded from the Government’s controversial NHS reform talks. A small group of around 40 incensed health professionals tried to prevent the Health Secretary from entering, jostling and jeering him as he tried to placate them. Speaking to one demonstrator Mr Lansley said there would be no privatisation in the NHS, “Don’t lie to me,” she screamed back at him.

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Corrie Stars And Fans Pay Respects To Betty Driver

Corrie Stars And Fans Pay Respects To Betty DriverFriends, fans and fellow actors gathered in Manchester to say farewell to Coronation Street’s Betty Driver, who died a week ago. Hundreds of people congregated outside St Ann’s Church in the city to watch the service on big screens. Ms Driver played barmaid Betty, famed for her hotpot, for 42 years. Sky’s Mike McCarthy reports.

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