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Idlib, Syria: City Prepares For Attack From Assad’s Army

Idlib, Syria: City Prepares For Attack From Assad's ArmyThe northern city of Idlib is controlled by the Free Syrian Army – made up of defectors from the government’s forces – but residents are preparing for an attack from Assad’s army. Troops have reportedly been seen moving outside the city, bringing fears that the violence could be on the scale of what’s already been seen in Homs. Our special correspondent Alex Crawford is in Idlib and sent this report.

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UN: Crisis At Japan’s Damaged Nuclear Plant Will Be Overcome

UN: Crisis At Japan's Damaged Nuclear Plant Will Be OvercomeThe head of the UN’s nuclear agency says the situation at Japan’s damaged nuclear plant is still very serious, but the crisis will be “effectively overcome”. Emergency workers trying to cool reactors at the Fukushima plant were evacuated today after more smoke was seen coming from the site. Sky’s Colin Brazier reports from Tokyo.

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Ivory Coast: UN Fires On Gbagbo’s Palace

Ivory Coast: UN Fires On Gbagbo's PalaceUN and French forces have carried out helicopter assaults against Laurent Gbagbo’s military in Ivory’s Coast’s biggest city, Abidjan. The airstrikes — the first explicit foreign intervention in the conflict — came as fighting intensified around the presidential palace. Forces loyal to the internationally backed presidential claimant, Alessanne Outtara, claim to be in control of the residence after launching a final assault overnight.

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