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Get Beautifully Smooth Long Exposures

Get Beautifully Smooth Long ExposuresThere’s something absolutely magical about long exposure photography. Rough water and waves turn to smooth patterns, cars vanish, and choppy clouds turn into smooth streams in the sky. I love using these types of shots for architecture, as all the distracting details disappear and you can really feel a sense of motion by capturing life’s little patterns in time. But getting the right exposure can be tricky for several reasons. First, if you need to use a neutral density (ND) filter to get a

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Canon EOS 1000d (Rebel XS) Sample Shots

Canon EOS 1000d (Rebel XS) Sample ShotsSome good pictures I took with my 1000d over the last 6 months. They are unedited and have only a UV filter with 55-200mm IS and 18-55mm standard EFS lenses. Sorry I had to add the “Sample” watermark, I had to so that they wouldn’t get stolen and used elsewhere. I hope you enjoy. Here’s the camera: Like, Comment, Subscribe! You may embed and share the link to this video but may not reupload or download it as it is property of joshuaps3kid. Violators will be reported. If you would

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Gizmo – Motorola Xoom Android Tablet

Gizmo - Motorola Xoom Android TabletWatch online cable TV on your Pc Or Laptop! This link is the place where I got HD Tv Channels for my computer. Have a look and let me know what you think.

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